Cuisines Offered




-Southern French


-Middle Eastern

Classic American

-Home-style Comfort Food


-Retro Diner

-Historical Themed American

American Fusion

Regional American

-Pacific Northwest




-American Coastal







South American





-Mongolian BBQ





Cake Flavors

Traditional Flavors

Plain Jane -  Traditional white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  Not too exciting, but oh so delicious!

Chocolate Decadence - Rich chocolate cake made with Godiva liqueur, layered with dark chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate buttercream frosting

German's Chocolate - Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache filling and a toasted pecan and coconut caramel frosting

Old School Carrot - Freshly grated and caramelized carrot in a delicious traditional spice cake with a rich cream cheese frosting

Orange Dreamsicle - Just like the frozen treat from your childhood! Delicious orange infused sponge cake with vanilla bean and orange whipped frosting

Champagne - Pink champagne cake with a fluffy champagne infused frosting and fresh marinated strawberries

Tiramisu - Espresso and vanilla cakes marbled together and then soaked with coffee liqueur and layered with chocolate ganache and a mascarpone frosting

Peaches and Cream - Vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting and filled with a delicious Washington Sauvignon Blanc and carelized peach compote

Tuxedo Cake -  White champagne cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and Vanilla buttercream frosting.  Elegantly delicious!